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This demo project contains a parse-server backend to migrate from a hosted server on Moralis to a self-hosted server, using parse-server.

Getting started locally

  1. Copy/download this project
  2. Make sure to have yarn or npm insalled
  3. Setup mongo-db and redis locally (see below)
  4. Install all dependencies via yarn install or npm install
  5. Copy .env.example to .env and fill in the values

Run your dapp

  • Run yarn dev to run the server locally

Now your app is running locally on localhost:1337/server (or any other port/endpoint you set in .env)

Note: by default the cloud-code is referenced in build/cloud, so make sure to run yarn build before running the server. Or change the location of the cloud code.

Run mongo-db

In order to run a server instance of parse-server, you will need to setup a mongo-db instance. For more information you can see

For local development, you can use the mongo-db-runner (see This should only be used for local development. To start this run:

yarn dev:db-start

And to stop it, run

yarn dev:db-stop

Make sure to set the DATABASE_URI in your .env file

Run redis

For rate-limiting, we are using a redis instance. In order for this to work, you will need to setup redis instance. For more information you can see

For local development you will need to install redis on your local machine, and start the service. Make sure to set the REDIS_CONNECTION_STRING in your .env file

Remote deployment

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Follow the steps in the documentation: